Outsource your kitchen prep to us

Outsource your kitchen prep to us

Let it be a kiosk or full fledged restaurant chain, our central kitchen can help process and portion your foods to help you achieve maximum efficiency in your kitchen.

Whether you are an established gastrobar or a small neighborhood eatery, it's a challenge to keep operational costs low while maintaining quality.

Central kitchens are essential to a growing business. They allow the operation team to reduce workload and focus on what they do best: providing excellent customer service.

By outsourcing your food preparation to BUGA FOOD SOLUTIONS,
you can save up to 30% in costs and time when operating your F&B business.

When you outsource your kitchen prep to BUGA FOOD SOLUTIONS, you...

  • Reduce kitchen size
  • Reduce storage space
  • Hire less kitchen staff
  • Maximize seating space
  • Increase sales turnover
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Reach maximum efficiency
  • Maximize operational potential
  • Achieve optimal profitability

But we do have a specialty...

Wholesale BBQ Supply

We're experts when it comes to the BBQ grill, especially briskets and marinated cuts of meat.

Our cold meat processing includes:
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