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Jeruk Jar

Jeruk Buah Pickled Fruits

Jeruk Buah Pickled Fruits

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Why Choose Jeruk Jar pickled fruits? (HALAL BUMIPUTERA PRODUCT)

❤️Original Recipe from Sarawak
❤️Homemade taste/ Homey
❤️Clean Halal Certified Factory
❤️No Preservatives 100% Natural Ingrediuents
❤️ No Effect of Coughing After Eating

✅ Fresh Fruit
✅ Sincerity
✅ Salt
✅ Sugar
✅ 1 Jar of Love
✅Handful of Love

Guava, Mango, Kedondong, Papaya, Apple, Pineapple.

Product Description

✨ Fresh Fruit
✨ Crisp / Crunchy
✨ Easy to Eat
✨Taste Sour Spicy Salty Sweet to taste
✨Easy to Carry Everywhere
✨Durable Container
✨Reusable container (recyclable)
✨ So Cute & SUPER Addictive
✨ Simply put, Everything is AWESOME👍🏻

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