Get all your kitchen ingredients from one supplier

Why go to the trouble of overpaying and having multiple deliveries from different suppliers when you can just get everything from BUGA FOOD SOLUTIONS?

From herbs and spices to frozen nuggets and burger patties, BUGA FOOD SOLUTIONS has all the basic ingredients your F&B business needs to serve perfect meals to your customers.


Best Quality

The ingredients that we supply to you are the same ones that we use in our central kitchen.

Competitive Prices

We keep costs low for you by sourcing directly from farmers and manufacturers.

Easy and Convenient

You can order in bulk sizes too! Less reorders means saving money and time!


How to order?

  •  Browse our wholesale supply in the pages above. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask us about it!
  •  Drop us an e-mail at admin@foodboss.my or let us know here about your order.
  •   We will respond back to you with a quotation within 2 working days.
  •   Your order will be shipped out after payment.

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